The pandemic of 2020 has forced us to put life on hold. We missed going to museums, concerts and eating outwith friends in new restaurants. We missed traveling and bringing back memories. We missedall the new, original flavor that help us to truly experience the world!

Licone has figured out how to deliver a whole world of new taste sensations without even leaving the house.

How do we do it? We focus on the true flavor of every experience. Imagine an aperitif at a Parisian café terrace, the sensation of a first kiss, a mixologist's cocktail at a memorable party, afavourite journey-we’re sure you willagree that they all have a unique flavor.

Licône = (Art + Tech)* Creativity/Savoir

Licone products are works of art in their own right. Modeled on iconic sculptures from the collections of Parisian museums, they act as a reminder that whatever difficulties we face are only temporary but art is eternal. For us, there are no insignificant details, so we created precise replicas of each work of art and matched them with themost unexpected cocktailflavoursthat are designed to blow your mind.

We are Irina and Natasha, and we also miss new experiences. We can’t wait to visit a gallery rather than enduring other meeting on Zoom. We want to make new discoveries in art, urban lifestyle, traditional craftsmanship and, of course, other people who enjoy contemporary life and culture.

Our ambition was to create a product that would include all of the five senses in our appreciation of art-sight, sound, touch, smell and finally taste! After several months of R&D we managed to create a truly unique product that manages to combine being a souvenir, an experience and an art object. We must thank the good people at the Smar food startup accelerator who believed in our idea and supported us on our journey.

Give yourself a few minutes away from the hustle and bustle and take a journey inside yourself. Icon-Lick one!