Chocolate lollipop Napoleon Bonaparte

Appalling or admirable? You be the judge, while tasting the proud portrait of Napoleon. A lollipop for the ambitious... or for the megalomaniacs!

Napoleon is not universally acclaimed. Commander-in-Chief, General, First Consul, Emperor... A spectacular career for the little belligerent Corsican named Napoleon! An emblematic figure of French history, who managed to turn the Revolution's popular revolt into a powerful and insatiable Empire. Unsatisfied with the Emperor’s crown, he continued leading battle after battle across Europe to expand his possessions. His army seemed to have no limits: it won at Austerlitz, but after attacking the Russian colossus, it ended up defeated in its snow. Long after his death, he still stirs enthusiasm and criticism.

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Chocolate lollipop Marie-Antoinette

So, cake or macaroons? One could argue she preferred lollipops...

She caused outrage for her idleness and excessive spending. She was a symbol of the absolute monarchy at its heyday, yet she keeps piquing curiosity and sympathy. Marie-Antoinette is is an ambiguous and inspiring figure. It is said to be her who, in front of her starving people, allegedly pronounced with irony: "They have no bread? Let them eat cake!”. There is a chasm between the disdain of Marie-Antoinette, the last queen of the Old Regime, and the humility of the one who would eventually lose her head. An evolution? More like a Revolution! One imagines Marie-Antoinette lounging in pastel-colored boudoirs, rustling her silky dresses on velvet sofas while eating macaroons.

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Chocolate lollipop Moai Statue

Moai (Hawaiian for 'statue, idol') are stone monolithic statues on Easter Island in the Pacific Ocean. There are currently 887 Moaistatues on the island. The statues are believed to have been made by the island's aboriginal population between 1250 and 1500. The pavilion of the sessions of the Louvre Museum displays one of the Moaistatues.

Easter Island is one of the most enigmatic places on Earth. About two thousand years ago, the Polynesian civilization left behind the Moai Giant idols, deified figures of the island's ancestors. An idol from the Louvre collection is an opportunity to get in touch with eternity. The thought gives us goosebumps !

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Venus de Milo

The Venus de Milo is an ancient Greek sculpture created between 130 and 100 BC. The sculpture is currently credited to Alexandros of Antioch. The statue lost its arms. When it was exported to France and a group of Turkish officials tried to prevent the exportation by force - a fight ensued during which the statue fell to the ground. After King Louis XVIII purchased the statue, it was kept in the palace as personal property of the royal family of France. Eventually it was put on public display in the Louvre

Perhaps the most famous statue of the goddess of love , it attracts the attention of millions. Simultaneously proud and bashful, sensual and sublime, she inspires a combination of contrasting emotions. An interesting fact is that the model who posed for the statue of Venus would have worn a size 38 in the modern world.

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